Monday, 3 September 2012

Leopards with Pink Spots?


I am trying not to spend so much money because of moving house and things, so I've been cutting back. However I picked up this little number which looks awfully familiar in my opinion to this TooFaced bad boy!

At just wait for it...less than 10% of the cost. (It also comes in a Benefit style box instead of a round compact but I like boxes anyway! I definitely didn't drop it and make some of it break (oops)

This w7 Africa Bronzer its lovely for me as a pale one! I do need to make sure I give it a good swirl with a different brush (This one is shocking; but who am I to complain for £1.99) to avoid dark patches.
It has a nice amount of colour payoff, I personally like buildable bronzers so I don't go from Milky to Oompa Loompa in 10 seconds.

As you can hopefully see from the pictures, there's a definitely mix of the pinky blush and darker bronzes to give a nice sun kissed look without going overkill. I am really happy with my little purchase. For only £1.99 from Savers! I'll be honest I've never really been in a Savers before so was pleasantly surprised at finding this in my new town. 

Oh and just a quick face 'on face' photo!

Anyone else been pleasantly surprised by a shop they don't usually go into lately?

Sian (:


  1. that looks so cute!!dont think there's a savers near me though :(

    1. I'd never really been near one either. I'm hoping my new town is going to have some good finds that I never had before!

  2. Lovely review. I never usually go to Urban Outfitters, simply because the nearest one to me is about 1 hour away by car.. so when I went in London. I pretty much bought the whole shop.. Loved it!


    1. There's not one where I live either ): x

  3. This looks so cute for £1.99. What a bargain! xo