Friday, 7 September 2012

Thing's I'm loving...

You know sometimes when you think, I really really like that. The lipstick you find yourself reaching for every single day, those so-cute but so-comfy flats that go with everything, that feeling when that someone texts you. Those things you just can't imagine ever getting bored of?

Well...these are my top 3 things at the moment

1) This combination

New Look Jacket (this one is from 915 but you can get it from the adults range as well or similar is available from River Island and Topshop)
For me its great to throw on and looks effortlessly good with the contrast PU and khaki. I'm not a big khaki/armyy fan so this is more than enough of that influence for me! The shoes are from Primark (£12) and I love the the ideal mix for me of studs and spikes, still girly and still pretty. Ideal for dressing up jeans. I particularly love them with these light blue ones. (£15.99)
 Also from New Look childrens haha (I love being small sometimes)
2) Fresh Brows
Mmmmm there is no other feeling that freshly waxed brow, I've been a BeneBrow girl since the beginning and I've never looked back. I adore the girl that does them, I've found most of the Benefit counter/brow girls to be and I love how they look when she's done. I just pop a bit off colour on to fill them in and then a bit of wax then hey presto I'm done. In my opinion eyebrows can make the biggest difference. 

A benefit brow arch cost £11.50 and there are counters nationwide(:

3) Nails! This is my go to combination at the moment. It looks gorgeous and feminine and I'm having a last minute glitter/shimmer fun before I have to start my new job and go all professional when it comes to my nails

Models own Utopia and Indian Ocean available from Boots (£5)
(You also get a free nail art pen for free if you buy two Models own products from Boots)

What's everyone else's little obsessions right now?

Sian x

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  1. Love the jacket Sian, I have the River Island one and have been neglecting my old parka ever since! I've started concentrating more on my brows recently with the HD Brows palette and don't think I will be turning back anytime soon :)