Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pretending to have a waist...

What can I say, I am a rectangle/cuboid none of this gorgeous pear and hourglass business for me. But if you haven't got it. Fake it.

I'm a big fan of belts or tight waists and flowing skirts to provide an illusion that I do have a figure that belongs to a woman not a boy with some moobs going on. These are some of my favourite items at the moment that would be perfect for faking it.

Blue Print Denim Hotpants; River Island £25
Leopard Print Shorts; River Island £25
Lace shorts; Primark (price unknown)
Scarf Print Skirt; Primark (price unknown)

Anyone else suffer from a figure that just isn't having it 90% of them time? 

Sian x

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