Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Light Grey Snake Skin Back Wedge; Miss Selfridge £42
Dark Grey Studded Cardigan; River Island £35
Pearl Tipped Collar Top; Tokyo Doll via New Look £19.99

Wishlists are one of my favourite types of posts, so thought it would be good to start with one...

At the moment, I am a massive fan of well, massive wedges, so much more comfort and so much more (potential) height. As a little one myself (5'1; I know very little indeed) I do like a nice big heel and I love the colour of these as a neutral pair of heels for a night out, few drinks or a glamorous day!
Big cardies ready for the ever approaching autumn, I really like the cuffs as a bit of extra detail on this River Island beauty.
I think(sadly!) this may be one I love online but less so in the shop, it just looks too pretty. But the collar would look super cute popping out of a cosy round neck in the autumn.
I have a love hate relationship with Topshop bags, I love them but think they are overpriced for PVC, especially as I've never had one last as well as similar priced ones in Zara. But they just look too good to stop buying them.
Petrol green is one of my favourite colours, and this is such a go to piece, it may well be purchased come pay day as the perfect dress up-dress down number.
Its peplum and it's pretty and Topshop have sold me this, I adore the lace back as a cheeky night out top.

Do any of these items take your fancy?

Sian x


  1. I love that dress! Totally fine for work, day to day, and stuff like christenings/weddings and nice dinners out etc. I'm a big fan of something that versatile and the colour is GORGEOUS.

    I love the shoes as well but they'd make me monster tall (I'm 5'11 bare foot). Still, that doesn't bother me too much unless I'm on a night out with exclusively smaller people and look like Godzilla comparatively haha.

  2. I love the petrol dress!


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